The Prisoner 16 – Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time in the Village…

… there lived a young boy named Patrick. Now Patrick was an adventurous young lad, who got into loads of trouble. It was pretty soon he started to grow up and discover what all teenage boys do: girls. Patrick was special though because he also discovered something else around the same time: misogyny. It’s Once Upon a Time, written by Patrick McGoohan and aired on January 25, 1968.

21:48: Leo McKern is the best around. Nothing’s gonna ever keep him down.
40:22: The old cartoon we were talking about here was “Mickey’s Trailer”
41:42: Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast, for all your Doctor Who and Torchwood needs.
47:36: Wiktionary says sitcom comes from situation comedy, which is basically exactly what we describe it as being here.
57:44: If you like movies, why not check out our movie trilogy podcast Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast? It desperately needs the listeners, and we’ve covered such masterpieces as Troll 2 and The Neverending Story 3.
1:00:05: Threw it on the ground.

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