The Prisoner 2 – The Chimes of Big Ben

I’m pretty sure Kiyan has actually heard the chimes of Big Ben…

Is Big Ben the only famous clock tower in the world? This is a strange thought I just had, while sitting here, trying to come up with a description for this episode. Googling ‘famous clock towers’ gave me a lots of clock towers after “Big Ben” as the first result, and I recognize none of them. So I guess I just proved that Big Ben is the only famous clock tower. It’s The Chimes of Big Ben, written by  Vincent Tilsley and aired on October 6, 1987.


9:13: No. 6 uses a triquetrum in the alternate version of this episode.
9:35: This video compares the alternate intro/outro with the final versions and has footage of the triquetrum scene.
26:02: If you want to listen to us do what we do here but with Doctor Who/Torchwood instead of the Prisoner, check out our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
58:31: Sweden, not Switzerland
1:16:09: Patrick McGoohan actually was in The Magical World of Disney.

Blogs and sources we mentioned in this episode:
Anorak Zone
Big Gay Longcat’s Big Gay Longblog
Balladeer’s Blog
Midnight Only
Review Nebula
The Salty Press
The Prisoner: Episode by Episode

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