The Prisoner (2009) 5 – Schizoid

Schizoid is such a funny word.

Schizoid is a really fun word too actually. You know it would be fun if I had a schizoid, they could edit the podcast and do all the podcast stuff and I could just sleep instead. Not like I’m forgoing sleep to get these podcasts done, no siree, I’m completely healthy. I promise, I’m getting a full 8 hours every night. It’s Schizoid, written by Bill Gallagher and released on November 17, 2009.

0:40: None of these bits made it into the final episode because I recorded them before starting the episode.
11:36: The study I am referring to was published in Nature Neuroscience, March 2015: “Retrieval induced adaptive forgetting of competing memories via cortical pattern suppresion”. If you do not have access to Nature Neuroscience, this Bang! Article sums up the core result, i.e. that trying to remember things makes it easier to forget them.
13:00: Here’s our episode on the original Prisoner’s Schizoid Man if you want to listen to that for some reason.
35:37: As far as I’m concerned Stanford is a trustworthy source and they tell me that you can’t dream up a new face. You just generally reuse ones you’ve seen elsewhere before.
41:20: Philip K. Dick basically only ever wrote weird things about how reality is a lie and the only truth in the world is the truth you can’t understand, or something like that. I dunno man I’m a physicist not an englishicist.
41:26: Ubik is a book whose actual physical existence distorts space-time. This is not a joke, please, the copy on my shelf is annihilating my entire bedroom, send physicists.
44:24: We talked about Patrick McGoohan’s misogyny at length during our original run of The Prisoner, which you can find in the Inevitable category on our site.
52:10: Some of the blogs I’m referencing are linked down below.
53:47: You can listen to our coverage of Children of the Stones on Season 2 of Inevitable and you can listen to our coverage of Star Cops on Season 1 of Inevitable.
54:48: Lexx is apparently really weird.
1:00:36: Our coverage and one and a half hour long head scratch over Fall Out.

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