The Prisoner 6 – The General

Not to be confused with The Colonel.

Look I’m not one to go around willy nilly joining the military. But if a guy in my village was named The General, and everyone was taking orders from him, I’m not gonna say I wouldn’t be tempted to fall in line too. The General is a name with a powerful connotation that it sounds like it would be a huge mistake to cross. So I just wouldn’t. #6 did not heed this advice when I gave it to him. It’s The General, written by  Joshua Adam and aired on November 3, 1987.


0:58: If you want to listen to us talk about Doctor Who for some reason, check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
4:57: Here’s the full Prisoner behind the scenes documentary.
14:56: This page that eulogizes Patrick McGoohan has the quote about halfway down.
17:20: The thing we were talking about here was Moore’s Law.
41:11: new math, newuhuh math
45:48:Trust your teacher (Doctor Strange 46:26)
1:32:54: Apparently MI6 and MI5 agents don’t carry guns, but FBI agents do, and some but not all CIA agents do as well. I guess it depends on your country.

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