The Prisoner 8 – Dance of the Dead

Doot doot Mr. Skeltal.

So the intro for this week is something about wading knee deep, clothed, into the water. It’s something that’s bothered us for ages, but what’s funny is that somehow we totally forgot that we had used it as an intro for this week. Because for Checkmate we were all but 10 seconds away from saying it as the intro again, before one of us went “hang on, didn’t we use this before?” Somehow completely failing to recognize that we had used it literally the week before. Is this what the quarantine has done to our memory? It’s Dance of the Dead, written by  Anthony Skene and aired on November 17, 1967.


4:00: Here’s the “transparent attempt to promote a writing career” that included this little tidbit. Also here’s The Devil and Tom Walker in full.
5:07: If you want to listen to us do what we’re doing here except with Doctor Who and not The Prisoner, check out our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.
23:30: Here’s the podcast episode.
24:36: Here’s the other podcast episode.
1:14:02: Decorative Vegetable regretfully presents (for the third or fourth time): The Big Bang Theory without the laugh track.

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