256: Teletubbies is Actually Really Interesting (Mummy on the Orient Express)

Now hang on hear me out on this…

Did you know the office where we record these episodes is right next to a train track? We usually luck out, it’s pretty rare that a train will pass while we record. It was more common when we recorded Zenith and TYD back to back, but it’s pretty rare now. Which I only mention because if there was ever a single episode, one single episode, that would have been pretty funny if the train actually did drive by on, it would have been this one. And you know, weirdly enough, it didn’t. It’s Mummy on the Orient Express, written by Jamie Mathieson and aired on October 11, 2014


9:39 I couldn’t find the picture I was talking about, but I did find this other picture of Thomas Pynchon’s hand coming out of the darkness and doing the peace sign. In what looks like a reenactment of A Shocking Accident by Graham Green. Or maybe it’s a scene out of a Pynchon book. Or something else. I don’t know.
15:28 I still can’t find out who this guy is, what else he’s been in, his name, or anything else about him. Please help.
30:46 Check out Zenith, our Blake’s 7 podcast.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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