299: Slowly Perishing Rubber 1965 Dalek Outfit ft. Brendan and Nathan (Dr. Who and the Daleks)

Somehow we found more content to cover.

This week we set the time scoop to “random” and are joined by surprise guests Brendan and Nathan of the fabulous Flight Through Entirety podcast (among other achievements). I think we always knew that somehow we’d cover this movie, somewhere, and so we figured why the hell not, lets do it now. Besides, it’s not like there’s anything else left for us to cover, I say, staring conspicuously at Torchwood sitting in the corner. It’s Dr. Who and the Daleks, directed by Gordon Flemying and released on August 23, 1965.

18:50 Here’s Flight Through Entirety’s episode on The Doctor’s Daughter.
1:29:28 If you don’t know what Celestial Toyroom is (I didn’t), here’s what Celestial Toyroom is.
1:48:40 Brendan and Nathan’s other projects include: Flight Through Entirety (a Doctor Who podcast), Bondfinger (an MST3K-style James Bond podcast), and Brandy Bongos.

Doctor Who © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The fanfare for Dr. Who and the Daleks was written by Malcolm Lockyer and Barry Gray.

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