315: Five Rounds Slow (Sleeper)

It’s like five round rapid without the rapid.

I never did like rapids. People go on and on about how cute they are with their long ears and fluffy tails, but really they’re just rodents, right? Or maybe that was “rabbits.” Eh. Speaking of rodents, guess who “rode int”o town this week. It was the sleepers, their orders to take over finally having kicked in. It’s Sleeper, written by James Moran and aired on January 23, 2008.

8:37: 0118999881999119725…….. 3
11:30: Hey, we watched and discussed Aliens and Alien 3. Not Alien though. Screw Alien.
14:51: According to Smithsonian Mag, “cops and donuts” is a stereotype because donuts places were traditionally open late.
42:20: I can’t believe you’ve done this.
50:03: If you want to listen to us doing what we’re doing here but with classic sci-fi shows, check out our classic sci-fi podcast, Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast.
Some point in the episode: Check out Delayed Replay, a podcast that reviews movies that are definitely, 100% released and available to view and not delayed by the virus.

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The Torchwood title music was originally composed by Murray Gold. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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