318: Remember When We Did Quotes? (Adam)

I don’t actually remember when we stopped doing quotes.

This week Dylan, Kiyan, and Adam take a nice deep dive into Torchwood. It’s been a little while since we watched an episode that so unnerved us that we were shaken to the very core. Our entire notion of reality itself was questioned by this episode, and Adam claimed it so disturbed him he might have to stop watching Torchwood. It’s Adam, written by Catherine Tregenna and aired on February 13, 2008.


1:35: Our latest tweets, knock yourself out. Also check out Krynoid Podcast.
9:05: Check out our classic sci-fi podcast, Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast.
16:24: The only thing I think this song might be is Early in the Morning by The Gap Band.
31:38: According to Britannica, morals are personal and ethics are societal.
35:19: Check out our Blake’s 7 podcast, Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.
37:00: Actually, their name was the Space Rats.
59:26: Check out our movie trilogy podcast, Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast.

Torchwood © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Torchwood title music was originally composed by Murray Gold. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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