341: The Least Apocalyptic Apocalypse (The Gathering)

We are gathered here today to do a podcast.

Yes you heard that, we’re out here doing a podcast did you know that? We do it every week, you should subscribe! You can find us all over the internet it’s pretty great actually. Even on this very website, did you know that? It’s The Gathering, written by John Fay and aired on September 2, 2011.

1:57: Avengers: Endgame surprised audiences everywhere by having a 5 year time skip, implying that for 5 years Earth’s mightiest heroes just kind of  lay there and took it.
6:25: I could really go for some Jubilee Pizza right about now. I haven’t had store bought pizza in ages.
12:42: I only found 49 fics with both Esther and Jack in them . It seems 14 of them pair them up romantically. I must commend this fic in particular for 1) the weirdly inspired Lois Habiba/Esther Drummond ship and 2) being 3 times the length of the longest thing I’ve ever written. In other news Esther/Rex seems to be a popular pairing, and also I hate how much time I spent on this.
13:58: Just go read Frankenstein so you can understand all of Kiyan’s references.
15:23: I was gonna make a joke about cosmology vs cosmetology, but people take this way too seriously apparently and write whole articles about the two.
27:55: Check out Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast if you want to listen to us do what we’re doing here but for other shows. Like The Prisoner. Or The Prisoner (2009).
36:38: Harry Bosco is not a real process, and yes the first result on google is the Tardis wiki page for Harry Bosco.
37:44: People get into arguments over which translation is the best, for some reason. This is actually a bigger problem for the Bible more than anything.
38:30: I couldn’t find the exact quote by Murakami, but I did find this fascinating New Yorker Article about his works and the difference between Japanese and English translations of Japanese works.
45:02: The real antipode of Shangai is Los Charrúas. You can see the top ten closest cities/towns to the exact antipode here. (Editor’s note: They talk about this in the next episode.)
46:00: Ф
51:33: Winnie the Pooh ranks among the most profitable media franchises ever.
51:20: Yes, the soviet Winnie the Pooh movies really do exist, this wasn’t a joke.
52:45: Here’s that article on how much money Winnie the Pooh generates.
53:34: Here’s a list of highest grossing franchises where Kiyan is getting his numbers from.
53:48: Pokemon Jet.
54:58: Industry standard for a physics PhD is only 6 figures though.
57:38: Ego the Living Planet is actually in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, if you can believe it.
59:50: M’tower *tips hat*
1:00:09: Yeah the Eiffel Tower was never meant to be permanent, sorry to disappoint folks.
1:00:50: Smithsonian has a brief history of the Ferris Wheel and its relation to the Eiffel Tower.
1:08:23: Tardis wiki to the rescue! Knibbs!
1:09:47: Check out our movie trilogy podcast, Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast, if you want to listen to us talk about timeless classic cinematic masterpieces like Beverly Hills Chihuahua (which the episode for isn’t out yet, but we also watch other timeless classics like Troll 2).

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