348: Stick With Me Here, But John Cena as the Master (Survivors of the Flux)

Trust Your Doctor normally has insane ideas, but this time they’ve gone too far.

We’re rapidly closing in on the end of possibly the whirl windiest season of Doctor Who ever written. It’s bizarre, it’s amazing, it’s huge. It’s everything you ever wanted from a Doctor Who story. Or at least, that’s what the boys over at Trust Your Doctor think. I mean, really, what else could it be? It’s Survivors of the Flux, written by Chris Chibnall and aired on November 28, 2021.

0:26: Didn’t look up how to pronounce Azhur Saleem’s name. Sorry.
1:35: Here’s your Spotify wrapped! How did I do that? Well. Magicians never reveal their secrets. (Editor’s note: he just linked directly to it.)
2:22: You can actually listen to our Revolution of the Daleks episode over here.
3:17: Check out our Blake’s 7 podcast, Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast, and help it do even better than any of our currently running podcasts.
4:00: It’s actually Justin underscore does underscore art: @justin_does_art.
6:21: Check out our other podcasts too: Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast and Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast.
5:02: You can actually see every episode of our podcasts we released in 2021 on our website, since I normally tag posts/episodes by their release year.
12:34: The word wizard has been ruined forever.
17:55: For those as interested in the behind the scenes as much as I am, here’s the BTS video from John Bishop’s twitter.
20:07: Check out the best episode of Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast: the Fred Trilogy episode.
21:40: I was shocked to discover that this tweet/instagram post was a damn month ago. Anyway, good news is I found the tweet where someone showed that Vin made himself bigger than The Rock.
27:02: Norse mythology in general is pretty fascinating, but Yggdrasil itself is one of the most interesting things in it. (Editor’s note: I have no idea why Dylan is so interested in Norse mythology all of a sudden.)
28:30: Don’t worry Fandango Movieclips is here to remind you of the fridge scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
36:39: I don’t remember what episode this was, probably the one we recorded the week I discovered it. Surprise, Dylan didn’t cut it out.
43:04: Worry not, we haven’t forgotten that this is an audio only medium. Here’s the shot we’re talking about.
45:58: The Killing Joke, a seminal comic classic.
53:37: I like when Kiyan says he’ll put things in the show-notes, because it means I don’t have to. (Editor’s note: was this just a random comment? I didn’t say anything to this effect around this timestamp, so whatever.)
57:33: Was this the thing the last show note was referring to? Chris Chibnall’s villain origin story? For some reason I can’t find a better quality upload of it in full anymore. There definitely used to be one on youtube.
1:03:25: I forgot where I read the US department of defense uses VHS tapes, but I can’t find any other information along this line, so it’s probably wrong.
1:05:30: We’re gonna talk about John Barrowman for a while, so I think it best to link an article that gives a good overview of the allegations against him for those who aren’t in the loop.
1:22:00 The four books in the Eragon series are as follows: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance.
1:23:52: There was, I kid you not, twenty seconds of stunned silence to this revelation that I cut out.
1:26:55: “The last thing I have to say…” *looks at timestamp*
1:34:53: I couldn’t find this. 🙁
1:35:58: As promised, here’s the article from Steven’s email.
1:37:31: The Invasion wasn’t split up by anything. The Daleks’ Master Plan was bisected by The Feast of Steven (the greatest Doctor Who Christmas special) though.
1:39:35: It must have been fun before we revealed this on the podcast to imagine that our show-notes person sometimes seemed to have multiple personalities. For a fun game, try guess who wrote this show-note.

Doctor Who © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Segun Akinola.

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