Christmas Special 2017 (The Hopes and Fears of All the Years)

Best wishes to all of you at home. Or something.

This year we decided to do a Christmas Special because apparently we just love recording so much we just had to do another episode. In fact, we love recording so much that we even decided that we’re starting a third podcast! I know! Blah: A Blah Podcast can be found wherever your podcasts are sold… soon ™. I’ve cunningly censored the name of the podcast in this description to force you to listen! I’m brilliant! So Happy Holidays and stuff. The story we talked about is called The Hopes and Fears of all the Years, which was written by Paul Cornell and published on the Telegraph website on December 22, 2007. You can read it here.


1:27 It’s from a hymn called O Little Town of Bethlehem. I’m tempted to click on the “Play a random hymn” link on that site.
4:52 A Shocking Accident by Graham Greene. Apparently Rap Genius has full stories now, so here’s the full text.
6:00 Might have been related to the Japanese occupation of Burma or Burmese independence from British rule. But I really don’t know, so read those links and do your own googling to find out more.
14:18 Actually coming January 2nd.
14:53 The Way Ahead actually isn’t out yet, which makes sense since Blake’s 7 isn’t 40 yet. But it will be in a couple weeks, so you can get it from Big Finish then.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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