160: Soupified (Ghost Light)


Halfway through the final season wow. This week we’re back with possibly the most confusing story ever broadcast in the history of television. I promise. It’s Ghost Light, written by Marc Platt, aired October of 1989.


5:07 Yeah, apparently they used a real house just for the exterior and apparently the observatory was added in post production.
13:37 Well searching “round mini shades” only brought up pictures of lampshades and searching “round mini glasses” brought up pictures of drinking glasses. My google fu is weak. Oh well.
17:35 There were a bunch of guys who researched these moths, but one of the first was someone named JW Tutt. Here’s a random journal article about him. The J didn’t stand for Josiah by the way.
21:19 Meh. Too lazy to read all of this. So maybe. You tell me.
24:04 It’s actually a big slug thing from Star Wars. Oh, sorry that’s Jabba. Java is an island in Indonesia.
37:21 According to a text from Dylan, she had nine heirs. See here for more details.
37:28 He was.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Keff McCulloch.

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