187: The History of Inn-keeping (The Shakespeare Code)

Inn-keeping is a very old and difficult profession.

This week Trust Your Doctor gets super spooky… in February. Why not, I guess, why not just release scary things in February? Nothing says you have to release them in October. It’s The Shakespeare Code, written by Gareth Roberts, and aired on April 7, 2007.


0:38 Gareth Roberts didn’t write anything for series 1. The only things by him that we’ve covered are Bang-Bang-a-Boom, The Romance of Crime, The English Way of Death, and now this.
2:51 Yeah, Lilith is a demon or something.
20:49 The last time California carried out the death penalty was in 2006.
26:27 This Animaniacs reboot is the most necessary thing in years. Totally 100% needed and I’m sure it will be amazing and won’t even come close to sucking.
27:40 Yeah, it was Arthur C. Clarke.
41:54 This one.
43:16 This trailer for the 1993 Much Ado About Nothing movie kind of feels like it was a VHS preview rather than a theatrical trailer.

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