Episode 12: Spherical Things With Cool Colors (Deliverance)

And that was how we discovered that Blake was actually Willy Wonka.

Look, I really really need to deliver this item to that planet over there to save my race. Wait you mean you’ve done this before? 5 weeks ago? With Destiny? It’s Deliverance, written by Terry Nation and aired on March 20, 1978.


4:00 Making Blake‘s 7’s twitter account is (I think) done with its production journal, but they documented a bunch of rare stuff about Blake’s 7.
10:50 Just read Gan‘s intro on the Blake’s 7 wiki. Merciless.
24:32 Trust Your Doctor is out Doctor Who podcast. Check it out.
48:04 Our other podcast Triple Play is about movie trilogies and junk. It’s really good(?) so check it out. Probably the epitome of podcasting.
48:48 Here’s Down and Safe. And here’s Space Fall on twitter since it looks like they don’t have their own site.
54:24 Mostly Made-up Doctor Who Episode Guide is one of the best Doctor Who podcasts in existence. Check it out.

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