Episode 13: Absolutely No Information That Could Be of Any Value At All (Orac)

That’s what you came here for, and we delivered.

This week we’re finishing up the first series of Blake’s 7. Can you believe that that means we’re a quarter of the way through the entire show already? That’s really concerning, where did the time go? It’s Orac, written by Terry Nation and aired on March 27, 1978.


2:54 The Captain’s Log is a log cut from a 2500 year-old Californian redwood.
7:02 They all sound different.
13:47 Check out our Doctor Who podcast Trust Your Doctor. Please. It needs listenership.
25:41 Yeah Paul Greengrass directed The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum and put a ton of shaky cam in them. The Bourne TV movie is still good by the way.

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Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Blake’s 7 title music was originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

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OK, so you have made it through the first season, and now things are going to get good. True, this episode is not the best of the season, but I don’t think that it is the best.
I listened to the other Blake’s 7 podcasts that you mentioned that are out there, and even found some others. “Down and Safe” is a fun one to listen to, but they only made it through series 2, and it is very infrequently done. “Spacefall” is every fortnight, and even though it is a good listen, the episodes come out too far apart. Others I have listened to just simply don’t keep my attention.
What I enjoy with your show is that it takes me back to when I first saw each episode and how much I learned to love it even more and more through fresh eyes. I may not always agree with thing that you say about some things, you have caught stuff that I had never noticed after watching the series a number of times.
I am looking forward to the future episodes, as there are episodes and characters ahead that I will be interested in hearing what you have to say about them.

You were wondering where the Saint part came from my alias. Back when I first started using “Social Media”, a site called Friendster was around. I just used Clinton on it, When I started using MySpace, I was just using Clinton, but in one of the groups I was involved with, people started referring to and calling me Saint Clinton. As hard as I tried to get away from it, it stuck. MySpace was the popular platform when I started using this little known site called Facebook. I mentioned that I was on Facebook to someone, and when that person and others found me there, the would refer to me as St. Clinton. I finally gave up and just accepted it. So now you know.

Keep up with the great shows, as I always look forward to them. BTW, when you get to the end, and if you are looking at another show that you would like to podcast about, I would like to nominate Red Dwarf, as I think that you will love the show.

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