Episode 26: Trickster God Kerr Avon (Star One)

Distant cousin of trickster god Low Key.

Chris Boucher is here to clean up Terry Nation’s mess. No really, Terry tried to write this two part finale, it was gonna be this big event and then he had to shamefully admit that “hey I can’t really do this.” And so Chris Boucher, the real people’s hero, is here to fix it write up. It’s Star One, written by Chris Boucher and aired on March 27, 1979.


4:23 The Mission Impossible movies has been going on since 1996, an impossible mission.
21:49 Jawas are connoisseurs of fine java.
31:51 Initial two novels were Study in Scarlet and Sign of Four. Hound of the Baskervilles and Valley of Fear came out later.
43:43 Blake’s 7 in Character is a Blake’s 7 podcast.

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