Episode 27: Blake is our Jesus Figure (Aftermath)

In the name of Avon, Zen and Orac, amen.

The halfway mark has been passed and quickly discarded. We’re now, so to speak, on the downslope that forms the slow gradual decline and death for most television programs. Hopefully that’s not so for Blake’s 7 but we’re here to find out. It’s Aftermath, written by Terry Nation and aired on January 7, 1980.


51:58 24 is a tv show. There are like 24 episodes or something. Or maybe there’s just 1 episode that’s 24 minutes long. Or 24 episodes that are each 24 hours long. Dunno.
57:56 Here’s the initial discussion about the definition of science fiction. Comes up pretty early in the episode.
1:00:18 The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World, is a 1666 story by Margaret Cavendish. I heard it won the award for shortest title of the year that year.
1:01:03 Samuel Delaney uses the term “given world” to refer to this world in a bunch of his essays and stuff.
1:04:42 Check out Trust Your Doctor is our Doctor Who Podcast.
1:09:26 From this page.
1:11:58 Person of Interest is another tv show.

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