Episode 28: Backstab 7 (Powerplay)

I stab your back, you stab mine. You know the drill.

I’m going to be making some powerplays this coming week. If you know what I mean. I’m going to be baking a cake. That’s what I mean. What did you think I meant? It’s Powerplay, written by Terry Nation and aired on January 14, 1980.


4:32 No. There was Herbert Clegg on Doctor Who in Planet of the Spiders, played by Cyril Shaps. Can’t believe Cyril Shaps was never on Blake’s 7.
14:37 Get hype for Black Manta and the new James-Wan-directed Aquaman movie.
16:21 It’s actually called We and They.
37:22 Making Blake’s 7 is a twitter account that documents the making of Blake’s 7.
38:10 Also check out Krynoid Podcast.
51:20 Hugo Gernsback. “His idea of a perfect science fiction story was ’75 percent literature interwoven with 25 percent science'”
53:14 Again, Blazing World is a 1666 story by Margaret Cavendish.
54:20 Walpole.
1:03:28“This is a link to the travis photo so edit this text to link to it.” – Dylan, 2018.

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Yes I starred watching series C and I liked Dayna Tarant together episodes such as Traitor and their parts in headhunter and Harvest of Kairos

Yes, I have been still listening to each and every episode and still think that this is the greatest Blake’s 7 podcast ever. You all are catching things that I hadn’t notice in the long time that I have been watching and rewatching the episodes. Yes I am one of those who has been enjoying the SciFi conversations.

I am so glad that you all have finally reached my favorite character, that being Dayna. When I saw the episode for the first time, with her first scenes, I was hoping that she would become a new member of the crew, not like other previous guest people that haven’t. Now I will admit that she isn’t the greatest actress in the world, but she is the only character that I developed a crush on with the show over the long run. From what I have read, this was one of Josette Simon’s first TV roles. If you saw the 2017 Wonder Woman film, Josette was in it.
I did have one on Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan,) but that changed when I saw interviews of her outside of the character. I’m not saying that she is ugly, but her outfits on the show are a true testament as how great the wardrobe department was for the show when it came to her.
If you want to see and more importantly hear something really interesting, look on YouTube and find an interview with Steven Pacey, who plays Del Tarrant.

In this season, the show takes a twist that I think turned out to be a little more interesting to me, being that it become more like a SciFi/Western to me, and even more so in the final season.

Anyways, still loving the show and looking forward to more episodes from you all…

Saint Clinton

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