Episode 31: Curly Straws in Blake’s 7 Ft. Making Blake’s 7 (The Harvest of Kairos)

Yes, here is, the man, the myth, the legend. Making Blake’s 7.

Here’s a fun fact for you all, Jon is the first person who has actually asked US to be on the podcast. Weird right? Usually we’re the one’s begging everyone else to come on the podcast, because really who wants to listen to Dylan and Kiyan for 52 episodes straight without some sort of other voice in there? So that’s exciting. It’s The Harvest of Kairos, written by Ben Steed and aired on February 4, 1980.


Before you do anything else,check out Making Blake’s 7 on Twitter.

1:28 Jon also runs Who FX, another awesome Twitter account. He’s been on Radio Free Skaro before. You know, the one Doctor Who podcast that everyone who listens to Doctor Who podcasts listens to.
12L37 Emmerdale a.k.a. Emmerdale Farm a.k.a. The Show Formerly Known as Emmerdale a.k.a. The Show Formerly Known as Emmerdale Farm is a long-running show that has over 8000 episodes.
16:52 Seeing Jacqueline Pearce with long hair on the cover of From Byfleet to Bush is surreal.
24:58 Marzipan is a dessert item and ingredient made out of almond and sugar.
26:05 Couldn’t find the video anywhere. All I could find was people talking about it in forums and blogs.
35:28 Trust Your Doctor is our “critically acclaimed” Doctor Who podcast.
38:14 Never heard of Shirley Bassey before, but apparently she’s a singer/performer person.
40:48 Miwk Publishing already has one Blake’s 7 guide, which luckily is now back down to £10.00 from £499.99, but is still sold out. They also have a new one supposedly coming out this year called Space Opera: Blakes’s 7 – A Tragedy in Four Acts.

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