Episode 40: Throttled by Colin Baker Ft. Making Blake’s 7 (Rescue)

They’re not good people apparently but I’m a bit concerned actually.

The final season of Blake’s 7 beings, and so too begins the final 13 episodes of Zenith. Bit of a sad thought that, but on the bright side we get joined yet again by Jon, of Making Blakes 7. What better way to start off our farewell tour so to speak? It’s Rescue, written by Chris Boucher and aired on September 28, 1981.

Oh yeah, by the way, Jon sings at about 1:45:00 ish. Just wanted you to make sure you hang on until then. 🙂


2:11 Jon runs the amazing Making Blake’s 7 twitter account, detailing the production of Blake’s 7 in real time +40 years. And the good news is he’s decided to continue posting for the time being.
6:41 It’s ok that Jon hasn’t seen any of the K9 tv show considering how horrendous they made K9 look. (I think the human character in this screenshot expresses my disgust pretty well.) And I’m not holding my breath that the new series will do any of these characters justice either.
13:43 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a 1979 tv series based on a 1974 book. It’s only seven episodes long so it’s now high on my list of old British stuff to watch. Also apparently is has Alec Guiness in it. There’s also a movie version, which came out in 2011.
14:03 Here the title sequences for Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Day of the Triffids, When the Boat Comes In (not sure whether this was the series 4 intro that Doug Bird did, or the original series 1-3 intro, but this was all I could find), and Triangle.
1:06:47 Kaldor City is an audio series by Chris Boucher. It ran from 2001 to 2012. It combines a bunch of of concepts (and sometimes actual characters) from Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who.
1:32:47 John Clute is a Canadian writer and theorist who writes a lot about “genre” fiction like horror, science fiction, etc.
1:41:53 If you’ve ever wanted to sing along to the Blake’s 7 theme, here are the lyrics to Distant Star (with bonus lyrics for Dayna’s song from Sarcophagus).

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Saint Clinton

Well you have come to the season that I both love and hate. Yes it is possible to do both.
After thinking over it through all of the years, and learning what Josette Simon had to say about her feelings about Dayna, I understand her feelings. It’s a shame that there was a long period of time between the seasons, and that the writers had no love for the character of Dayna. As you watch the season you will understand.
But what I do love about the season is the way that the series ended. Yes, the previous season did have a good ending, but I think that the series ended in a way that was great that was better for those who like to write fan fiction. It was also written in a great way for future seasons if the BBC had chosen to do another with people coming back.
Have you noticed that none of the crew ever asked Orac to make a prediction after the one time in the beginning of it being with them?
When she appeared on screen for the start of the final season, did you recognize Glynis Barber from her previous episode of B7? I think it was like the third time that I saw the episode that she was in when the credits rolled that I realized that she had been in the show before, but not as Soolin,
I was really sadden about the lost of Jacqueline, as I think that she played her role perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that her death was reported in more places than Garreth’s death.
I do have a question for you both, but I don’t want for you to answer it until your post series finale show is, Which character of all the seasons of the show do you related to the most? and Why? This doesn’t have to be a main character, as it could be one that was in an episode for 5 minutes?

Keep up the great work on the greatest Blake’s 7 podcast around.

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