Episode 41: Healthy and Holistic (Power)

Blake’s 7 is an integral part of a healthy diet!

This week we run through another Ben Steed story. Which means that we’re gonna deal with a lot of sexism and misogyny. And since he actually wrote two good stories before this that means someone somewhere said “maybe we should just let him do whatever the hell he wants” and so we got this. Power. Written by Ben Steed and aired on October 5, 1981.


9:54 I don’t see the resemblance.
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55:10 The episode is A Taste of Armageddon.

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Power could be referring to a lot of things. Power between the sexes or obtaining power like Pella wanting the Scorpio for herself.

Or more likely Ben Steed is not very good at writing science fiction.

This episode sucks but it is good compared to the upcoming episode Animals. Animals: Just how old is Dayna by this point in the series timeline? 22, 23? And how old Is Justin? Like in his 40s? Does Justin like his women to be on young side? Animals was originally written with Cally in mind and the episode makes more sense that way but with Dayna it makes Justin out to be a pervert.

By the way thanks for reading out my comments.

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