Episode 45: Metallic But Flexible (Headhunter)

You ever notice that all metal is flexible? No? Just me?

This week we get a much much better episode of Blake’s 7 than last week. Which is honestly a huge relief. Was really expecting us to be in the dumps for the next five weeks. But good old Roger Parkes is here to save us. It’s Headhunter, written by Roger Parkes and aired on November 2, 1981.


3:40 It looks like the latest info estimates a 1.3:1 ratio of bacteria to human cells in the human body.
5:39 Here’s the full Pointless Celebrities episode featuring Paul Darrow and Michael Keating. It also has some other no-name actors from small-time franchises that nobody’s heard of like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.
7:38 It was @chrisridd. Thanks @chrisridd.
8:44 Foundation is a book series by Isaac Asimov. Books are lame though, so I haven’t read it.
22:43The Rocketeer
28:36 Making Blake’s 7 is the best account on twitter.
54:37 Space Fall is another Blake’s 7 podcast done by fans who are a lot more knowledgeable than we are.
58:52 Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton

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There was originally a plan for a season ark where the crew are trying to recruit experts to their cause which was abandoned early on. Some of this survived in the episodes. Dr. Plaxton, Justin and Mueller for example. I suppose they dropped it because it would become predictable and boring pretty quickly.

Jurgen van de Sanden

Hey guys. Interesting discussion again. Yes, this story was like Frankenstein. I actually got the book at a charity shop in London the other day and then proceeded to give it to a Kiwi B7 enthusiast (she was a member of the only fan club for devotees of the show in New Zealand!) to read. ☺
Great how Soolin gets her moment to shine. Don’t you just love Glynis’s delivery?
I watched part of the episode of the game show you mentioned. I knew Paul was unwell, but like you I was shocked to find out he lost both legs…
When I watched this eppie for the first time on Belgian TV as a kid I was too scared to watch after they mentioned the head was missing. I had to sit next to the television set when they opened the box! God, how innocent I was!
I did actually like Ensor. He was quite funny and sweet. I felt sorry for him when he died.

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