Episode 46: LOL Out Loud at a Pun (Assassin)


A lot of people want Zenith dead. We’re pretty popular, you know, so it would make sense for people to want us dead. Take out the competition so to speak. I’m not saying another podcast hired an assassin to kill us, I’m just saying another podcast hired an assassin to kill us. It’s Assassin, written by Rod Beacham, and aired on November 9, 1981.


3:51 Michael Keating looks kind of like Kevin Spacey actually.
15:37 Anyone watching at home that day also got a car airlifted to right outside their home.
16:57 John Wyman was in For Your Eyes Only, which came out a few months before this episode. Here’s some other stuff he’s in, courtesy of imdb.
21:30 Dr. Plaxton.
55:24 Lexx is a tv show that shares some similarities with Blake’s 7.

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The Blake’s 7 title music was originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

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Jurgen van de Sanden

Hey guys. I enjoyed Glynis’s performance myself. Hope you like her in future episodes. There are some crackers still to come, I think. Yes, Dayna does have less to do. Haven’t finished listening to the podcast, but surely you agree Josette knows how to do her own stunts? It looks cool. What is the vanishing act you’re referring to, please? Didn’t get it, I’m afraid. Thanks for continuing to cover B7 like this, even though you think it’s time for it to come to an end. I always enjoy listening to a fellow Cancerian and to your dulcet tones as well, Kiyan.

Jurgen van de Sanden

More about Glynis Barber. I think she just wanted to give a ‘coolheaded no-nonsense’ performance. My interpretation is that she didn’t mean to put a lot of effort into the slap, as she obviously didn’t consider ‘Piri’ important enough. I love the line about slapping a hysterical woman. Soolin might’ve had a very low opinion of the ‘sweet little girl’, as Dayna calls her at the end (a sitcom moment perhaps, but quite funny), she does, however, warm to poor old Nebrox, something I liked for the character.

Jurgen van de Sanden

Interesting comments about the editing. There was supposed to be more dialogue between Servalan and Verlis, but the actors kept fluffing their lines. There’s some hilarious footage on YouTube.

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