Episode 5: I Don’t Want to Know Anything (The Web)

That’s the truth really, just take all my knowledge away thanks.

We’ve returned to Blake’s 7 again because I think this is actually a thing we’re doing. Basically no going back now, Episode 5 is the point of no return. Before then you can just bail but now we can’t go back. No choice. It’s The Web, written by Terry Nation and aired on January 30, 1978.


0:33 Michael E. Briant directed The Sea Devils, The Green Death, and Robots of Death among other things. Also worked on Colony in Space, a story that I completely forgot existed. And I still can’t remember anything about it now that I’m reminded of its existence.
2:43 Making Blake’s 7 is a really informative Twitter account, but I just hate how smug they are about everything and how they post stuff like “Want more rare pics of the Liberator? Then make sure this tweet gets a hundred likes, retweet it a billion times, tell all your friends, then wire me $600,000 dollars, thx” Complete B.S.
17:10 Not even Lin Shaye could save Insidious: The Last Key. I don’t think it was as bad as most people are saying, but it still sucked.
17:14 We do this other thing and stuff.
40:50 Triple Play and Trust Your Doctor.

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