Episode 50: Dalek-flavored Toothpaste Ft. Sgt. Draino (Orbit)

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It’s a good thing we were joined by Sgt. Draino this week, so that we can decide which one of us to throw out of the airlock to make sure that this podcast makes it out of orbit. That’s right, we’re recording the final episode in space which means we have to drop one of three people. Who’s it gonna be? It’s Orbit, written by Robert Holmes and aired on December 7, 1981.


15:10 Malcolm Hulke actually did write for The Avengers. IMDB lists which episodes.
21:44 Someone once described Logan to me as “X-Men meets The Road (the Cormac McCarthy book)
1:15:23 Babylon 5 is a show that’s somewhat similar to Blake’s 7. The show’s creator, J. Michael Straczynski, has acknowledged being influenced by Blake’s 7.
1:18:52 Check out Sgt. Draino’s podcast Station 7 – The Door (also available on iTunes and probably other platforms as well).

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Jackie had a wardrobe malfunction this episode. It is the first scene with her and Egrorian. You can see her boob.

John Savident had previously appeared in the Blake’s 7 episode Trial as old Star Killer.

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