Firefly 1 – Serenity

Is Joss Whedon an auteur?

Those are the fateful lines that begin our journey into this cult favourite television show. Some might even say beloved. Will we agree with this premise? Only time will tell for sure, and at this moment we’ve only watched  single damn episode of the show so how the hell should I know? It’s Firefly episode 1: Serenity, not to be confused with the later concluding movie, also weirdly named Serenity.

1:10: I had forgotten we watched Lexx at all, to be quite honest with you dear fan. But if you wanted to hear our “journey” into Lexx, check out the beginning of our descent into the depravity that is that series.
5:15: Browncoats*
6:30: Linking a Quora post to explain why Firefly ended so quickly is probably a bad idea, but it was this or ScreenRant and you already know all our thoughts on that.
9:51: Here’s Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script for all of you who were desperate to read it I guess. Special shout out to “To say she is beautiful is to almost miss the point. […] Her body is curvaceous, but taut as a drawn bow.” For being the most uncomfortable few lines of text I’ve read today.
10:53: The Nevers got extremely average reviews.
18:50: The “all I know is I must kill” meme actually is pretty funny with the image to go along with it.
22:45: The Bebop Beat is a Cowboy Bebop podcast that seems pretty new. I’ve never listened to it, but could be worth checking out.
24:30: And Spanish.
25:37: We talk a lot about Marinus in our Keys of Marinus revisted episode of Trust Your Doctor.
33:51: Kiyan elaborates on this absolutely correct opinion in our Fifty Shades episode of Triple Play.
54:15: Pacific Rim is a movie by Guillermo del Toro that’s apparently good but I’ve never seen it so I wouldn’t know. (Yeah, same here -Kiyan, 2021)
56:30: Kiyan elaborates on this absolutely correct opinion in our Alien: Resurrection episode of Triple Play.
1:00:29: Here’s an article on how Joss Whedon allegedly took joy in making female writers uncomfortable during writer’s room meetings.
1:03:57: Soylent Green is People!
1:21:50: Magnificent Seven is a definite and unabashed American remake of Seven Samurai.
1:25:20: Internet Movie Firearms Database is a surprisingly robust site.
1:26:53: Star Cops was the first show we watched for this podcast. Good times.
1:32:00: Just cause I’m curious, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a series of short animated episodes that were released over 2017 and 2018.
1:39:15: The original Twilight Zone started in 1959. The 1985 Twilight Zone is the second series.
1:40:50: Who the hell is Kwanseer? And what is his role in the Aladdin TV series? Stay tuned for more information.

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Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.

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