Firefly 13 – Heart of Gold

I don’t have a heart of gold, I have a heart of silver.

What is a heart of silver, you ask? Well I’m glad you’re curious because frankly I am too. What the hell does it mean to have a heart of silver? I just kind of made it up on the spot to try and be witty for the podcast, but I don’t think it’s working. In fact I’m literally making it worse the longer I keep talking so I’m going to stop now. It’s Heart of Gold, written by Brett Matthews and aired on August 19, 2003.

3:52: Somehow I googled “I’m down Seinfeld” and found out it was apparently in a bunch of episodes, so here’s a random clip of “Alright, I’m down” from a random episode.
6:07: Did Brett Matthews do more than just get Joss Whedon coffee? Decide for yourself.
6:53: Here’s the interview with Bret Matthews. He doesn’t say anything about being Whedon’s assistant.
7:28: We talked about Gold over on Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast, our Blake’s 7 podcast.
8:32: How long do you think it’ll be until our show-notes are just 50 notes referring to other episodes of our own podcast? Well anyway, we watched Once Upon a Time in the West on Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast, our movie trilogy podcast. Here’s the first scene of Once Upon a Time in the West by the way. Pretty good scene. Shoutout to whoever uploaded it to Vimeo.
10:15: Here’s the full soundtrack to Once Upon a Time in the West if you have one hour, five minutes, and six second to kill.
15:07: Ever closer to the singularity, check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast, our Doctor Who podcast.
18:52: A remarkably prescient slip given what happens “Next Week on Firefly.” (Hint: it’s a deleted scene involving incest.)
24:21: Bolo ties are actually very fashionable, ok? (Editor’s note: nah.)
25:48: Yes, yes I do.
41:33: 9. Hide your kids, hide your wife is nine years old.
47:37: Not sure wtf I was even talking about here because she doesn’t even die in the episode. Lmao.
58:29: Interestingly, this is the Firefly episode I’ve gutted the most audio out of for Inevitable. A solid 10-11 minutes.
59:53: I don’t even know where to start looking deciding what exactly I’ll link for this so I’ll let Wikipedia tell you all about Milton.
1:14:13: Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne.
1:21:00: Here you go, go and learn about one of the weirdest planes still in service: the V-22.
1:22:21: Hugh Laurie also filmed this audition tape in a bathroom in a hotel in Africa, if I recall correctly.

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