Episode 49: Ocean’s 7 Ft. Maurice (Gold)

What happens on Zerok stays on Zerok.

This week we’re joined by someone totally and completely eclipsing us in knowledge of literally everything ever. Which is actually par for the course for this podcast, all of guests are more knowledgable than us anyway, why do you even listen to this podcast? For the guests I guess. It’s Gold, written by Colin Davis, and aired on November 30, 1981.


2:18 Yeah I don’t think I get The Love Boat.
5:37 Here’s Tom Baker Reading Maurice’s opening narration for Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future.
9:09 Bob le flambeur is a 1956 French movie.
9:15 Mission: Impossible (the show, not the movies) is a show (not a movie).
9:34 Here are all of Ken Levine’s credits according to imdb.
12:49 Watching Blake’s 7‘s analysis of Series D. They also have a write up about Blake’s 7’s intro sequences.
18:22 Buy your own Zerok shirt here (just scroll down, trust me it’s there).
26:33 Wonder what that Twitter feed is.
27:08 Star Trek: Lost Scenes is a book that came out a few months ago that compiles a ton of behind the scenes info and picture.
32:26 Roy Kinnear on imdb.
1:06:39 Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a 2017 boxing movie.
1:06:49 Chuck is a 1982 high school movie.
1:38:10 This part was recorded a week after the rest of the episode, which is why Maurice isn’t present.
1:39:40 Kaldor City has a short write up on Liberation, as well as links to buy the book and some interviews with the authors.
1:40:00 You can buy Maximum Power from MIWK Publishing. (They crossed out £10 and now it’s £15, and it’s done in the style of a discount. We’re on to you MIWK, if that is your real name.)
1:41:22 Space Fall is a Blake’s 7 podcast.
1:47:58 Check out the Star Trek Fact Check Blog.

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Jurgen van de Sanden

I listen to this podcast for you guys. Your opinions are refreshing and you make me laugh, in a good way. 🙂

Jurgen van de Sanden

Interesting point about our heroes shooting armed peeps willy-nilly. I suppose Soolin has to shoot the guards because otherwise they would’ve been killed themselves.

Jurgen van de Sanden

Maurice is a great guest.

Jurgen van de Sanden

Oh, there’s just so much to comment on. Such a great podcast. Good point about the teleport. Never thought about it that it was silly of Blake to mention it earlier on.

Jurgen van de Sanden

Dayna not shooting Servalan? She was holding a gun against Keiller’s head? I know, it’s weak. I know I go on about Soolin (and Dayna) but I’m biased when it comes to Saffas after all. Isn’t it great to see our gunslinger standing up to Avon again? He has definitely lost it. It makes it easy for me to find another reason for Soolin and Dayna to sort of commit mutiny in my fantasy Blake’s 7 story.

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