Sapphire and Steel 3 – Assignment 3 ft. Making Blake’s 7

Tune in this week to find out how to pronounce Russell Wooten.

Tune in this week to also find out how much of Russell Wooten is too much Russell Wooten. Turns out all three of us have a really different point of view on this really really important topic. It’s Assignment 3, written by PJ Hammond and aired between January 5th and 22nd, 1981.


18:20: Here are a few articles about storing old comic book storage and preservation.
38:38: Yes, Emmerdale (Farm) was produced by Yorkshire Television.
45:16: According to this article, pretty much everything on Yahoo Groups is now gone forever. 🙁
1:40:24: Lady Gaga’s meat dress has its own Wikipedia page.
1:45:41: Victor Victoria is pretty highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes. Not that that means anything.
1:55:20: If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the Making Blake’s 7 twitter account. But if you somehow don’t, here’s the Making Blake’s 7 twitter account.

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