It’s been a long time coming, evidently.

Here, finally, in the flesh and bone, is the very first episode of our new show, Triple Play. We’ve been hinting and mentioning this show all the way back since Trust Your Doctor hit its 5th episode, which you can find over here.

Like we mention in the episode, we’re shooting to put out an episode every 2 months. What we didn’t mention is that after about a year we’ll probably step back and evaluate if the show is successful or not to move to a monthly release schedule, and if it is, well, then we’ll do that obviously. Until then, enjoy the current flow of episodes, and please recommend the show to your friends, as we think this podcast has a far wider reach than the obviously more specific Trust Your Doctor.

The intro and outro music is the Italian Girl in Algiers Overture, which was composed by Rossini.

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