Book 1: What a Novel Concept! (Last of the Gadarene) Ft. Flight Through Entirety

Be.. our.. guest! Be our guest! Put our podcast to the test!

In this very special episode of Trust Your Doctor where we read a book, Kiyan and Dylan are joined by Nathan and Brendan from Flight Through Entirety. So I guess the title is a misnomer since we didn’t get all of Flight Through Entirety on the show. Could you imagine a show with that many people? Well anyway, the quatro attempt to discuss the inner workings and the plot line of Last of the Gaderene, a Third Doctor novel written by Mark Gatiss and originally published in January 2000, later republished in 2013. Last of the Gaderene takes place between Planet of the Daleks and The Green Death. Maybe we’ll read more books in the future. Who knows?

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