203: Electric K. Ant (Midnight)

So, Mr. Ant, what qualifies you for this position?

This is one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time according to Dylan, and a very good one according to Kiyan, and basically all of fandom really. Most people like this, so if you don’t you’re obviously wrong. Just flat out wrong, that’s the nature of the game unfortunately. It’s Midnight, written by Russell T. Davies and aired on June 14, 2008.


3:02 Sapphires are actually a type of corundum and is slightly softer than diamond.
5:26 I completely forgot Independence Day: Resurgence existed. Pretty sure most of the world has forgotten about it too.
6:11 Rio is about some bird or something.
8:22 Turns out a klick is just a kilometer.
11:15 Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti.
15:14 Hereditary might actually be scary.
16:09 Check out Zenith, our Blake’s 7 podcast.
16:12 Vaster than Empires and More Slow and The Word for World is Forest are 2 stories by Ursula K. Le Guin.
19:42 People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening.
42:56 Electric Ant is a story about ants.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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