The Fifth Doctor Retrospective

In hindsight maybe not doing this with Krynoid was why this episode was all over the place.

Remember how the Fourth Doctor Retrospective was fun? This is… sort of fun? We take a look back at good old Peter Davison, and try to discuss his brief but fun era of Doctor Who.


1:09 Which you can do here. Just saying. Not gonna force you to listen to it or anything. Mainly because I can’t. But you should listen to it.
9:25 Well maybe it needed to die.
28:54 Make it happen BBC.
32:53 Y’know. The cliffhanger-y one. The one where he’s gonna crash the ship. Hold on, I’m trying to find it. Hmm… where is it… Oh, here it is. Sorry about that. Yeah, I really liked this one. Even though it’s a quote unquote cool one.
37:31 The Life of Pie argument goes states that it’s more fun to eat pie than to do anything else in the world, so it urges people to stop what they’re doing at any time (and every time) to eat pie.
39:00 Yeah, it’s like a couple hundred thousand if you trust science as well. But I wouldn’t trust science if I were you cause last time I did I woke up in Anchorage wearing only socks and a sombrero.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Peter Howell.

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