The Tenth Doctor Retrospective

Only the best parenting tips on this podcast.

This week Kiyan and Dylan take a long introspective look at themselves as parents of a little baby podcast. Have we done it right? Have wee been raising this little boy right? Or girl, whatever it chooses. We also sort of talk about like, The Tenth Doctor and Death and the Queen, written by James Goss and released in May of 2016. Death and the Queen can be purchased for $3 (or your local equivalent) on Big Finish’s website.


12:29 The Tench Doctor Chronicles were released earlier this year by Big Finish, though not all of them feature Rose.
Picard and his cloud.
37:09 Before Smith, Davison was the youngest Doctor at time of casting at 29. Tennant was second youngest at 34.
41:06 The Ship of Theseus is a philosophical concept that’s basically what we describe. Check this out if you want to know more.
42:14 Here’s the trailer. Doesn’t really spoil anything or give away too much, even if you haven’t watched up to that point like me. Also, just found out that France won. I don’t follow sports at all.
44:03 Faust is a character from German legend who hangs out with demons. The Marvel character Mephisto is named after a demon from the story.
44:31 The Ferengi don’t hang out with demons, but they look kinda like demons.
54:51 The most interesting part of the Ballad of Russel and Julie was seeing how well the cast can sing.
56:28 And the best part about the cast & crew 500 miles video was probably the dancing Ood.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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