Episode 10: Unlimited Cosmic Gan (Breakdown)

As opposed to a limited cosmic Gan?

Gan is the focus of this week’s episode. Get ready, because that basically means for the next 13 he probably won’t even get a speaking line. That’s how it goes, there’s 13 episodes in a season, one focusing on each crew member (that makes 7 if you include Zen) plus then like 5 more for Avon (for obvious reasons) plus an extra for Blake. It’s Breakdown, written by Terry Nation and aired on March 6th, 1978.


0:52 Before this Vere Lorrimer directed Cygnus Alpha and Seek, Loacate, Destroy
1:00 Making Blake’s 7 is a twitter account about the making of Blake’s 7.
3:14 Check out our world famous and highly renowned Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor.
13:42 The X-29 was a plane NASA made in the 80s. Looks pretty cool I guess.
28:57 Here’s Julian Glover’s filmography.
32:53 Benedict Cumberbatch is the world’s greatest surgeon … until a freak accident with a renegade blender shreds his hands into a million pieces.
33:33 This trailer really makes me not want to watch Thor Ragnarok.
34:01 Black Panther could be one of the highest grossing superhero movies ever, or even the highest by the time it’s through in theaters.
46:26 Turns out we should have been saying Keating cause Michael Keaton is actually the other famous actor guy. Guess we got them mixed up.

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