Episode 3: Disintegrated by Technobabble (Cygnus Alpha)

Now we see the true danger of technobabble.

We’re continuing along our journey, although perhaps The Doctor has buggered with the show a bit, both our show and Blake’s 7 itself. It appears we have a bit of a timeline discontinuity that somebody didn’t notice in the production room. It’s Cygnus Alpha, written by Terry Nation and aired on January 16, 1978.


4:10 Strangely I couldn’t find anything, but here’s this forum thread where some people tried to create a full timeline of Blake’s 7 episodes and audios/other expanded material.
5:53 The more you know. There are actually debates about this, so don’t take this as the only explanation out there.
21:18 Wow, I always thought this was based on Hunchback of Notre Dame. Guess it’s not.

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