Special 3: The Two Year Anniversary!

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? It’s in our sanity. As in, we’re losing it.

We know. Two Years. Some of you have been here for all two of them. Some of you weren’t. That’s ok, we love* you all. No but actually, thank you for listening. We really do appreciate that there are people who sit/stand/walk while listening to two random guys babble on about Doctor Who, or movie trilogies, or whatever we fancy really. We know this episode is a bit “thrown together” you might say, but it’s a nice representation of the years behind and ahead of us. Below I’ve dropped links to all the friends we’ve made this past year, as well as anything else of note. Here’s to another year of laughs!

*Love is subjective.

Flight Through Entirety
A wonderful group of guys from glorious Australia. Last year we discussed Last of the Gadarene with two of their hosts, Brendan and Nathan. You can find that episode here. Not long from now we’ll be discussing The English Way of Death. You can find Flight Through Entirety at the following locations:
Twitter: Podcast / Nathan / Brendan / Todd / Richard

The Krynoid Podcast
Another wonderful group of guys, this time from jolly old England. In the past year we were joined by the hosts, Jim and Martin, to discuss Revenge of the Cybermen. You can find that here. You can find The Krynoid Podcast at the following locations:
Twitter: Jim / Martin

You can find our other podcast, Triple Play, on this very website! The future is now!

And as usual, you can find us at the normal locations:
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